After Investment Deal Manchester City Come to be Most Costly Sports Franchise in Europe

With cracking a deal for a significant investment in the club for US $500 Million (€454 million) by the owner of English Premier League champions Manchester City, in this deal, they break a new record in sports valuations. An announcement by Silver Lake, an American private equity firm, says the deal is equivalent to just over 10% of the new value of the owning company, City Football Group (CFG), which

‘For Personal Reasons’ Virgil Van Dijk Leaves Netherlands Squad

In the captaincy of Virgil Van Dijk, Netherlands finishes with a 0-0 draw with Northern Ireland on Saturday 16th Nov 19 that verified ability for the following summer’s European Championships. Netherlands captain Virgil van Dijk has pulled out for their final Euro 2020 qualifier against Estonia on Tuesday. The Liverpool protector helped the Dutch succeed for the 2020 UEFA Euro Championship after confirming a 0-0 draw against third-placed Northern Ireland